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What happens when 50,000 kids are given the tools to change the world?

Anyone under the age of 20 today is part of a very special generation: the first generation in human history to grow up with mobile phones in hand, computers and tablets in tow, and robots and 3D printers and self-driving cars in the news. This is a generation that has experienced nothing less than an exponential rate of change in the world around them, with fierce expectations for the betterment and advancement of society.

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I had dinner with a cyborg.
(And you can too.)

Imagine you’re getting yourself ready to speak to a crowd, you want to sound brilliant, challenging the audience to think about the future and how technology influences humans. Then someone pulls you aside and whispers in your ear: “You’ll be on stage right after our cyborg artist.”

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The People of 2050: A Prediction about the Future of Language

If you were to stop by my house and ask to use the wifi, I would point you to the #Peopleof2050 network. The password is simple: a set of two emoji representing things I like to do.

And if you asked why, I’d tell you that I have a prediction:

By the year 2050, humans will communicate exclusively using emoji.

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Are you afraid of AI becoming evil?

A good part of my work can be summed up as talking about fascinating things with curious people. Q&A time after I give a talk is probably my favorite part of what I do. When a 14-year-old in a sick bowtie asked me this question, my answer was a brief thought exercise...

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The Slowest Day

Welcome to today, the slowest day of the rest of your life. A podcast and video series about the big questions at the intersections of technology and humanity, and how we can leverage those intersections to create a better future.

Coming 2018

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