Brett Schilke
Wonderful, and dare I say mind-blowing.
— David Butcher, Head, International School of the Hague

Learning for the Future

How do we remain relevant in a future mediated by rapid technological change? Diving deep into the fundamentals of learning and education itself, Brett unpacks his theory of Inventive Resilience and tells a story of a world that can embrace technology and social trends to master a future we can't yet imagine.

Buckle up!
— Cindy Page, Talent Development Manager, Deloitte

Technology isn't the only thing advancing at an exponential rate; people are too.

Human history has been defined by "ages" and "revolutions," and Brett posits that we are rapidly moving into another, defined by purpose and potential, rather than production.

The Exponential Revolution

So inspiring and fascinating. Our highlight by a very wide margin!
— Richard Blundell, Rotman School of Management
50% hopeful, 50% terrifying, but very, very interesting.
— Silvia Sancho, MBA Candidate, Spanish Business School

For schools and students:

The Exponential Generation

Today's students are part of the most powerful generation in human history. Through a high-energy keynote paired with an interactive workshop or salon, students will discover the skills they need to shape the future they want to enable, learning to harness their potential to radically transform communities and the world.

An AMAZING storyteller that can easily educate the audience.
— Carla Meyer, Executive Director, Fundacion Rafael Meza Ayau